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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 27, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news starts right now. >> breaking news at 5:306789 brookline police searching for two people responsible for a violent crime spree. three victims found shot or stabbed in two different locations. two of them were thrown out of a car right on a bessy street. >> also breaking this evening documents unsealed in the boston marathon bombing case. dzhokhar tsarnaev claims the client was denied a lawyer immediately after the arrest even though he asked for a lawyer several times. >> and boston police are hoping video will help them find who
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pizza and prostitution? the owner of a popular pizza shop is trying to con-- is acuveesed of trying to convince a teenage girl to sell herself and may have done it before. >> he bragged two other girls paid their way through college by sleeping with married men as bree sison shows us he is facing charges. >> reporter: there's help wanted sign outfront at liberty pizza in wayland. but prosecutors say the owner propositioned a different employment for a young woman. 65-year-old mike giakoumakis is accused of soliciting sex for fee and the victim once worked at the community restaurant and thought of him as an uncle in. fact many customers say he's father figure in town. >> pizza is good there and like they have always welcomed me. i always felt like a part of the family. >> reporter: a little over a week ago, a 19-year-old girl reported strange phone calls
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according to the police report, when she inquired about the job he stated "what is the most pleasurable thing in your life? i am talking about sex. do you enjoy sex. wearing a microphone the victim met with mike at this shopping plaza on monday. at the least four detectives heard him offer her 50 to 75 dollars an hour to sleep with married men who "wanted a vacation from their families." during the conversation, he is said to have bragged about helping other girls make similar arrangements. no comment from liberty pizza today. but customers say they are not ready to condemn him yet. >> i know they are good people, mistakes it happens. >> i know him as what he good man. >> reporter: giakoumakis was arraigned on tuesday and is free on a $500 bail until et the next court days. a dorchester man is pleading guilty more than a decade after he was charged
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in august of 2004 investigators found jewely ann jewel's body throating in the charles river. in 2011 police arrested shabazz august teens in court he admitted he lured the victim to his home suffocated her and dumped her body in the river. the judge sentenced him to life in prison. a horrific crash in mansfield police say a drunk driver hate guardrail so hard that it split his suv in three different pieces. officers started to chase the man after he ran a red light. at one point john pucci was driving nearly a hundred miles an hour and he threw something out of the window and lost control near the canoe river bridge. paramedics flew him to mass general hospital where he has life-threatening injuries. david. tonight a exclusive interview we sat down with a cabdriver who took the gun away from a man accused of firing a shot outside a boston taj hotel.
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says the bulletproof glass inside the taxi may have saved his life. >> reporter: the most nerve- racking encounter for the cabdriver preferring not to be identified. he had no idea when this passenger jumped in the car police were looking for the same man who just allegedly fired shots into the streets near the posh taj hotel. >> i told him give me the address and he said just drive. >> reporter: what he heard from the the back seat a few minutes later made him jump. >> i hear a noise unbelievable. >> reporter: what did it sound like? >> explosion. unbelievable explosion. >> reporter: police say 34-year- old andrew flack randomly shot at the bulletproof window he pulled over and ran to the back discovering he had a gun. >> wint to the back right away when i get in, i saw the gun here. i took it from him. >> reporter: the driver says it's become more dangerous on the job and he no longer opens the partition to talk with passengers.
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what geaive outcourage to grab that gun? >> -- gave you the courage to grab the gun. >> sometimes tough do something fast you know because -- you have to do something fast because if you don't forget it. >> reporter: flack faces multiple gun charges after becoming belligerent and left the taj hotel bar gun in hand this driver alerted police and they made the arrest. >> i took the gun you know to make my life safe that's it. it's hard to believe that i was lucky. >> reporter: more than luck. he took the decisive action. beth germano wbz news. >> quite the sorry. 40 degrees in january. in. >> we are not. we are not going to be able to get used to it. cold air making a comeback as we look at the gorgeous picture of the sunset over boston a. eric getting a lot colder. >> check out visibility on a chilly night developing over the city of boston a little bit of sunshine on horizon sunset is getting close to 5. so we
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45 minutes of daylight since the solstice and temperatures easy to take. 42 in the city right now. and 35 in worcester and 39 in fitchburg and we will see the temperatures drop back tonight and even a couple upper teens out there by tomorrow morning. most towns about 20 to 26 so everything that was melting today in the nice sunshine will be freezing up. use caution heading out and about. cold is not terribly long lived. it's not warm outside for the next few days but it's not tough for late january. look at sunday, upper 40s by monday and we will weigh into the 50s to kick off the month of february. and the pattern to start february brings warmth along the east coast and the big chill is off to the west. if you are one of the folks who is looking for a good long cold stretch, it looks like colder air moves in by next weekend. so in the longer range. we will talk about snow potential for friday coming up in just a little bit. lisa. >> you have our attention thanks. three developing stories the first in eastern oregon a
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arrests in the stand off between an antigovernment group againstpolice. osers shot and killed the -- officers shot and killed the group's spokesman during a traffic stop. f b and oregon state police arrested five people including ammon bundy. on january 2nd bendy and the followers took control -- bendy and the followers took control -- bundy and the followers took glf disturbing new details california. investigators say that the three violent criminals escaped 16 hours before anyone noticed. the reward for information leading to the capture is now at $200,000. and the mayor of flint michigan and governor of the state met over a plan to clean up the city's toxic water. the governor says fixing all the lead service lines could cost $55 million. water was so corrosive that pipes leached lead into homes and businesses. right now people are drinking bottled water and there is no
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flipt will be safe to -- flint will be safe to drink. an interesting story for parents about setting an school day. >> coming up a principal's letter to parents about their drop off attire. >> girls basketball team kicked out of their league. to win. >> plus, the inspiration for a delicious master piece a child
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on the bz feed a principal sent a letter to parents that went viral. >> stop wearing pjs to drop off your kid she noticed more and more parents wearing pajamas and slippers when they brought their kids to school and wrote can i ask when escorting your children take time to dress apoet proaptly. it's important for us all to -- appropriately.
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example of what's acceptable. >> i want to know what they are wearing and i want pictures. >> i've seen what parents wear when they drop off kids. >> i never see anyone look egregious. >> it's normally t-shirts and i have worn slippers but not to get out of the car. >> that's we decide that's where the line is crossed when inappropriate. >> anything with pictures on it that's pjs and that shouldn't be allowed in we agree. it seems being the best is not always the best. >> a girl's basketball team in minnesota was kicked out of the league because it was too good. skill level was too high to compete. league officials say other teams were threatening to forfeit gets the girls or quit the league. players are frustrated with some wondering if they were supposed to play worse to make the league hale dash happy. seems un-- happy. seems unfair but doesn't surprise me. >> crazy. a child's vision comes to life. >> you will love this.
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boy's dream birthday cake. the boy drew the picture. you can see a swirl on the bottom layer and jedi knights on the top and this is the finished product. complete with action figure and yes, the candy swirls and check out the two side by side you can see chocolate chip cookies and lego figures on that first tier. i think we have to taste it to see if it achieves the vision. >> you think he was happy. >> delight night think so too. >> ice cream on that. >> i like that. watching new movies from the comfort of your couch. why going to the theater could be a thing of the past. >> more mild temperatures not too bad but some are thinking back to a different time a year ago so kathy in worcester at 35. this was the scene at her house this time last year. the biggest all time reported snowstorm in worcester. more snow in the forecast
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tonight at 10 a story of survival and kind nays girl nearly died jet skiing in costa rica but an american doctor on vacation might have saved her face for her wedding. more on that and the growing trend of beauty products for men.
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get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health caret and child care so people canr actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. netflix and amazon are spending big money by hollywood standard. streaming service are going on a shopping spree at the sundance film fest rail outnag big name studios for could haveeed film. >> this could change the way we watch movies. >> reporter: netflix shocked the movie industry in march by paying 12 million dollars for beast of no nation the film
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as it turns out they were just getting started. this week at sundance they did some binge spending snapping up a fundmentals of caring and it bid 20 million dollars for the rights to the birth of a nation. a highly anticipated film about in the turner's slave revolt that ended up at fox search light for 3 million dollars less. >> they have dominated the festival and come in and targeted the good movies and have gone on a buying spree. >> reporter: amazon beat out fox universal and focus features for the locally filmed manchester by the sea. starring kyle chandler and casey affleck. >> when they go into bid they have to take into account how many tickets they will sale with netflix and amazon they have deeper pockets. >> welcome. >> reporter: amazon is expected to roll out the acquisitions the same way it did with spike lee's shy rack debuting it to subscribeers a few weeks after it came out in theaters.
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beast of no nation released in teeth heers and -- theaters and streamed to viewers on the same day. >> fet flix and amazon up ended the movie business by trying to get original content and cut out the middle man which is the theater owners. >> and while beast of no nation didn't receive oscar nods it earned a golden globe and several sag award nominations lisa. >> this is a special delivery day on the side of 495. a harper grace early yesterday morning a foxboro police officer helped bring her into the the world many her parents jennifer and mark all smiles were not able to get to the hospital in time. but all three family members are doing just fine. >> they have the big smile knowing they have a story they can tell forever. >> that's right a good one. great beginning by the way. >> foxboro police have interesting stories from the past couple months. >> it's been a busy one. >> let's talk about busy times down south where they have hadtough weather. >> nasty storms in florida. this is part of the same storm
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this touched down earlier this afternoon in coconut creek and they get tornadoes in south florida. not tearably frequent. usually you see water spots and not many on land but see extensive damage with the storm that came on through earlier on. so that's the system we will watch for potential snow here as we head into the end of the week. and you know the story everyone is talking about how comfortable it is. once winter left us last year, we were off to the races. every month since june has been at or above average december the most extreme example of all that and 11 degrees above the norm crushed the records and this january well above average and more of the same as we head through the last few daysch it's pretty nice outside tonight. 42 in boston. 35 worcester anda at -- condition nashua at 39 degrees -- and nashua at 39 degrees. it's chilly outside but oozy for late january. tonight is the coldest night so far this week. 18 to 25 clearing skies and drier air in place and
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today is going to start to refreeze. be cautious for the icy spots. mainly clear overnight and we will have bright sunshine tomorrow morning out the door and i think tomorrow is is a beautiful day. we will have the sun and lighter winds and the clouds don't start to increase until tomorrow afternoon and evening. and then it will feel a little chillier outside and really overall, it's a great day to getoutdoors and soak it in. a few icy spots to start and warming up to 40 by lunchtime. sun and clouds pleasant. a little southerly breeze and for the afternoon and evening, the increasing clouds and sunset at 4:52 for tomorrow. and then we will talk about the next storm system moving up the coastline and running into air not particularly cold. so there you see the one that caused the tornado in south florida. there's a polar element a curly q looks like a common into western parts of the great lakes. they will join up here late thursday and into friday morning. most of the storm system stays offshore. but there will be a connection we call it a trough between that storm system and this
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and that's going to allow snow and rain showers to break out on friday. doesn't look like a huge deal but something to be cognizant of heading into friday morning's drive. could slow things down and a chance for more snow showers especially northern new england on saturday. looks like coatings to an inch are possible here. something to keep a eye on for the next 24 hours and light accumulation toward the cape and south shore in particular. there will be rain mixing in here and that could hold down accumulations temperatures will mostly be above freezing for the entire time. and then we look towards the weekend a few flurries to the north on saturday. it's the chillier day but not bad. we are way up into the 40s on sunday. great day to be outdoors. and there will be cloud cover and across ski country snow showers on friday as well as saturday. so fresh snow and comfortable conditions for sure. maybe a little too comfortable on sunday getting into the low 40s. here's the accu-weather 7-day look towards the start of next week and february 1st, 55 on monday and some towns could get
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in the 40s for groundhog day on tuesday and 50s and rain on wednesday. so most of the snow is gone and it's certainly gone in short order. >> wow 55 on monday. >> yeah. >> for the local groundhog mrs. g we will get her a umbrella. >> don't need the snow pants. danielle is planning on being out there live on monday. >> i called her mrs. g like she is married. >> is she a miss? >>i don't know i will call mitch michaels to see what he says. >> thanks. oprah gains by losing. she tweeted out a video message that she lost 26 pounds on weight watchers and ate bread every day. after that tweet went out weight watchers stock jumped 20%. oprah owns 6 1/2 million sharesof weight watcher stock and the tweet put another 12 1/2 million dollars in her already flush pockets. >> and she got to eat bread. >> every day. that's pret they good. -- pretty-- that's pretty good. from a sound sleep to the
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>> new at 6, the stunning revelations about the wounded warrior project. a cbs news investigation has raised questions about how many veterans they are helping. new at 6, why local charities that also help our soldiers wondered if something was wrong and why bran dies university says the californiael on campus has to come down. elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. in fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security increases benefits and cost of living adjustments and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about
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this is a bizarre story out of miami. a 99-year-old woman was sound asleep when suddenly she felt something on her chest. she opened her eyes and saw this, a exotic animal that took off and hid in the woman's attic. her daughter and a friend used youtube videos to figure out
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attic and experts say this is a nocturnal animal and lives in rain forests of central and south america but it was apparently in south florida as a pet. not something you see every day. much more still ahead here. the news at 6 starts now. now at 6, breaking news. three people shot and stabbed in two places in brookline. >> secret case files in the boston marathon bombing unsealed. what they tell butts first days after dzhokhar tsarnaev was caught. >> another beautiful day but we are watching ocean storm for early friday morning. potential for some snow. we will talk about the time loon and totals. >> reliving the coast guard's finest hours. one of the men on duty that night 64 years ago. and how his memories of bringing the heroic story to the big screen. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at 6 starts right now.
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two chaotic scenes tonight. two men shot and stabbed then dumped out of a car in brookline and a few blocks away another man found stabbed. and now police are looking for a car tied to it all. >> the scary crimes put three schools in lock down and let's get to chantee lans hive with the story in brookline. >> reporter: david and paula good evening. that's rightch the scene remains -- right. the scene remains active. you can look for yourself. police say they are waiting for a search warrant to go inside one of the apartments. bloody clothes in broad day height mark the spots where police say two men were found shot and stabbed on harvard street after being pushed out of a vehicle. >> i ran to the windows and sought car go right in front. >> one person got out but didn't shut the door and started to back away and pulled up to the emt vehicle and i don't understand they had found two people out.
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